Good question indeed. So, I guess it is time to fill you in on who I am. My name is

I was born in December and my Zodiac is

I was Born in Florida to my parents Jim and Donna. Due to irreconcilable issues, they are not together anymore. My Dad served in the US Air Force. So Naturally, that would make me a

Thanks to my Dads Military career, we moved around quite a bit. The first place that I remember living in was Anchorage Alaska. We were stationed there for five years.

We also moved to Colorado, Georgia, and then we got our first overseas deployment in August of 1993 when I was turning 15, we were informed that we were moving to Turkey.

NOOOO! As I boarded that airplane all these thoughts danced around in my head. I was a scared teenager. I wasn’t sure what to think about the move. I was fearful that my teenage years were ruined. There went my hope of getting a license, a car, spending time at the mall, and being defiant. I was now going to be chained to a heavily guarded military base. All of this fear of the unknown made me sick. No really, I was the only person on the whole flight to throw up prior to landing. Oh, the embarrassment! Even the little kids were handling it better. Well……..then this happens……then I met….. He was my what????……. LOL, you will just have to read my book for the missing information. Just Kidding! To my surprise, I got paired up with a bodyguard (a woman can’t walk alone without a male escort in Turkey). We were both the same age and our Families went to the same church so, my Dad thought it would be a match made in heaven. To his surprise, this Bodyguard became my Husband 10 years after that. We were the Romeo and Juliet of our time. What I mean by this is that we were both Forbidden to do anything but be friends. Which we obeyed until we were reunited

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with a sick agenda. We married much to our Families surprise, and have since been together for 14 years.

I am a Proud mother of 3 Beautiful Teenagers. Yeah, I know right, Teenagers, Geeze! I mean, when did I get that old? LOL! My oldest April, has just started college. My oldest son Takoda, will be graduating High school this summer. My youngest son Ashton, is in the 8th grade this year. Someday’s I wish that they would have stayed little. Other days, I become sad that my Babies will soon leave me and embark on their own Journeys. I guess that is just Parenting! LOL!

I try to live by the words of Thumper!

I am co-owner of an online Radio station:Kiss fm classics:
Kiss Fm Classics

I love Youtube! I have my own Youtube Channel. My Channel has multiple playlists. You can visit my Channel by following the link below.

My youtube Channel

Now for some Gifs that give you more insight as to who and what I love, stand up for, and advocate for.

As for the other things about me, you will have to visit my page to find out.

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