With the Holidays approaching, we are starting to dread that Family Thanksgiving dinner. You know the one I am referring to. The gathering of opposing Political Relatives; the unavoidable arguments because someone has to bring up the wrong subject that gets your Uncle all riled up and looking for the liquor cabinet. Yes, That Family Thanksgiving dinner! Before you decide to put yourself into that extreme tension producing and the hungover situation, consider an alternative. What? There is no way to avoid attending that Dinner? Well then, why not surround yourself with a calmer crowd and get yourself emotionally and physically ready for that nightmare Family dinner, by having a Friendsgiving beforehand. This will allow you to have a great meal and relaxed conversation. Who knows, you might even be able to recall the conversations in your mind while you are pretending to be listening to your riled up Uncle get into it with your Dad and Grandparents. Just don’t let out a huge laugh while escaping to your Happy place.

So, what is Friendsgiving and how does one throw it? Relax and read on my Friends. I will walk you through it. I promise you, it is the most relaxing Thanksgiving to plan.

First a smidge of its History. Friendsgiving: The name Friendsgiving is a mashup of “friends” and “Thanksgiving,” and the idea is to spend an evening with the holiday’s classic dishes and your best buds. There isn’t a strict, enduring set of guidelines—Friendsgiving is a totally customizable modern tradition that’s taken off in recent years. Friendsgiving was made popular by College students whom couldn’t afford to come home for Thanksgiving but didn’t want to miss out on all the scrumptious food. To put it in laymen’s terms; Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving potluck for your friends.

So, when is Friendsgiving? While some celebrate Friendsgiving before heading home for the occasion, others gather their friends together in lieu of sharing the meal with relatives.

Although there aren’t supposed to be rules to Friendsgiving, some have found it best to enact the following. However, you don’t have to follow them if you feel that it complicates the evening.

Rules of Friendsgiving
•The host makes the turkey.
•the host makes the gravy.
•The host cooks nothing else. This keeps him or her from getting overwhelmed.
•The host coordinates a potluck of every other dish.

•The host will ensure that there are some vegetarian, vegan, or allergy-conscious options if any guests require them.
•The most reliable friend should be assigned snacky hors-d’oeuvres.
•There should be potatoes.
•There must be vegetables that aren’t part of a creamy casserole.
•There must be stuffing. The more kinds the better.
•cranberry sauce if people like it with their meal.
•many desserts
•The host will set a nice table.
•Everyone shall contribute wine. One guest should bring a bottle of whiskey.
•The host shall provide ice — lots of it — and water.
•Someone with good music taste should bring a playlist.
•Play board games
•Set Up a Photobooth

I know you are asking, “But what should I bring?” Don’t sweat it! Take a deep breath, and click on the links below.

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Easy Friendsgiving Menu

Now if these recipes give you anxiety, you can always go to the restaurant of your choosing and buy a premade meal. No one is going to care. Come on, these are your Friends. They know who can cook and who can order in. The whole point of Friendsgiving is the relaxation.

I hope this post has inspired you to host a Friendsgiving this year. If this post has impressed you even in the slightest, I would appreciate it if you would share it. If you would like to give me feedback, please utilize the comments section.

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