I am a reader. Some of my favorite books have been; Full Frontal Feminism (Jessica Valenti), The Purity Myth (Jessica Valenti), He’s a Stud she’s a slut (Jessica Valenti), Cirque Du Freak ( Darren Shan), The Scarlett Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne), Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare), Macbeth (William Shakespeare), Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White) and Many more.

Full Frontal Feminism (Jessica Valenti)

I am a Christmas enthusiast. I collect Christmas ornaments and festive nick Knacks. I am a Christmas music collector as well. My collection has at least 2000 songs. I feel it is important to keep the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts and the Spirit of Giving, alive and well. 

I am an Eeyore fan! 🙂 I collect Eeyores. I have stuffed and nick knacks of Eeyore.

My Favorite food Cuisines include; Middle Eastern, Mexican, Baja, Italian, and German. I like all kinds of pizza. I like Rice variations as well. I enjoy cooking foods from around the World.

I consider myself to be a well likeable person. I enjoy Dancing, parties, cooking, Traveling, and spending quality time with my husband,family and Friends. I am for the most part easy going. 

I like all types of movies. The Movie Genres, which I subscribe to include: Family, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, some Horror, and some amateur films (if they aren’t too fake).

I am Eclectic with music. I like all types but some of my favorite artists include; Bon Jovi, Reba, Kenny G, Ace of Base, Elvis, Emminem, the 80’s bands/artists and many more. My favorite DJ’s include; DJ Thomas, DJ Boogie, and DJ B-ShoW. 

I am a feminist! I believe in the equal treatment of all people. I believe that all people should have a say in their lives and their World.

I believe that taking good care of our environment is important and that helps keep the circle of life in balance is a must. We need to take care of our planet. We need to make it a place where all living things are given their space and freedom to live as they choose.

I am not perfect and have the battle scars to prove it. I wear my scars and they keep me on the path that I have chosen for myself. My path may not be what you chose for yourself, but I am happy with my life and will not change for anyone.

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