Kiss FM Classics is a Rebranded Station, that came about when Kiss FM Lebanon, came under Government Licensure issues. This Resurrection occurred when a Radio host of the station, Named Thomas decided that it was time to bring it back to life. Here is their Story.

The Kiss FM Story

Kiss FM Lebanon was established in 1992.  Imad Geara and Eddy Jazra had the dream to have a radio station. Imad and Eddy decided to make their dream a reality and to open their own station. Imad and Eddy had no money and they decided to organize a party and try to raise enough money buying a transmitter. In those days the name of the station would change every few days, it originally had names including, Radio Middle East, Fun radio and finally Kiss FM. To tell you about all of the frequencies the station has broadcast on, it would be too difficult, because it would take all day. This was the beginning of the real and professional Kiss FM. We were broadcasting on 91.1Mhz FM. We were not expecting such immediate success!

In 1996 DJ BOOGIE joined the station with Eddy & Imad.

Boogie was the first official DJ in the station having a morning, noon, after noon as evening show LOL spending most of his time on the air, those were days of kiss FM then all the music lovers start joining the station to play the good music on the air Broadcasters DJs rappers rockers all the people loved the music of the station.

Let’s name a few of them DJ’s who followed BOOGIE: Serge, Roy, James, Raygates, Venom, Menace AKA Caesar K, Giovanni, Keanu & lots of DJ’s. Broadcasters: Babe, Rose, Jeanine, Mc Nab, Ely, Thomas Reimer, Amede, Eddy & more. We use had great music, great programs including The Only ” Heavy Metal Show” in Lebanon with DJ Venom. The” Sans taboo” a French talk show hosted by Amédé(Imad) which included controversial topics and live callers. We also had the “Saturday mix show” (Now most popular show RFX Radio) with DJ Boogie DJ #3 in the Middle East and Raygates as well by mixing 6 hours live.  The top 40 show was presented by Eddy (Now he is the main voice over at LBC TV the number one TV Station in Lebanon).

At the beginning of 1999 Kiss FM went through some big changes. We began broadcasting on two frequencies 91.1 & 93.8Mhz to triple our coverage to all of Greater Beirut, the Mount Lebanon, parts of the Bekaa valley, and the South. In December 1999, Radio announcer Thomas Reimer (from the USA) Joined the Kiss FM staff and began presenting the Kiss FM morning show. Kiss FM hosted many parties and events. Kiss FM is online for the world to hear the Great Classics from the ’80s and ’90s. Kiss FM was and will always be, the only station in Lebanon & maybe on the planet to play the best hits of all time from all languages and styles, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year.

Sadly, The Station went off the air in 2002, due to the new Government license laws that were enacted. For nine years, the Station remained shut down.

When Radio Host Thomas Reimer became aware of this, he quickly attained the Licenses and resurrected Kiss FM in early 2011. Since research showed that 80’s and 90’s music was far more in demand, we switched the station’s formats from top 40 hits and new music to ’80s and ’90s.

Once Resurrected, Thomas decided that we would become Co-owners to ensure, that the Legacy would live on in case of unknowns.

legacy – isolated word in vintage letterpress wood type

Since then, We have seen our listeners grow. We gained a good following, that has enabled us to triple our listener capacity on the stream.

Kiss FM Classics is our Passion, and we will continue to introduce/Re-introduce the Classics from the ’80s and 90’s to the Generations.

If you would like to hear our station, you can use the following link.