Reimer Photography was started in 2006, by a young Talented Photography named Thomas (My Husband). Thomas began his Company, by taking his passion for Photography and bringing it to the World through his affordable Photoshoots. Thomas then realized that people were also interested in Purchasing his Landscape photos as well. Thomas then submitted some of his Works to Getty Images. Soon he had over 100 images that were selling. He has since branched out to Eyeem as well. Thomas has over 200 Photo’s on display currently. If you would like to see what he has for sale currently, you can visit the following link.

This is just a small sampling of what he has to offer. I encourage you to check him out and see if he has anything you would want to hang in your home. You can Follow Thomas on social media as well. He has a Facebook page dedicated to his Photography. On occasion, he will run Family portrait photo shoots. He also posts his latest shots that he is selling. If you would Like to Follow him, go- to Reimer Photography on Facebook or simply click the link below.

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